10 Methods for Creating Killer Content

We can post anything we want to at any moment, but is creating killer content as easy as clicking Post on our every thought? It might only take one post to attract an audience, but it takes a little bit more to keep them.

If you’ve been creating content for a while you may already be doing half of this already. If not, here are a few simple tips to get you going:

Keep it Current

Current affairs will always get traction so if you’ve got something to share about a breaking story, or top news story, go for it.

Make a Connection

Making a personal connection with your audience is important, so give them a glimpse of what you’re doing and where you are from time to time. If they are used to seeing you in a suit and tie, they may appreciate a selfie of you in a kayak from the weekend.

Time it Right

Most sites experience the morning and evening rush – timed around when their audience are most likely to be scrolling through their newsfeeds. Posting during these busy times means there will be lots of people online so lots of people hanging around ready to see you. However, it also means there will be a huge influx of posts during this time too, so try posting during quieter times too, and see what works best for you.

Cash in on Viral

You can ride on the coattails of posts that are already going viral buy sharing them on your page. You’ll be able to cash in on their momentum and attract a bit of their crowd too.

Ask Questions

Try asking for advice about a new logo, or changes you’re thinking of implementing, but it doesn’t have the be so in depth either. Asking a question like “What did you get up to this weekend?” or “Any ideas on a quick dinner with zucchini?” is a sure way to get your engagement up.

Be Original

Create your own infographic or poster. You don’t even need to be an expert to create professional images with free apps like Canva or Wordswag.

Show your Face

How about a little reintroduction, just a few sentences about you, and a nice cheesy picture of your face? Selfies do have their place – lay off the duck lips though – in helping you strengthen your connection with your audience.

Quote it Up

People loves quotes. It’s that simple. Sharing a motivational or humorous quote from time to time should bring you some interaction and engagement.

Beautiful Images

Use beautiful photos! You don’t have to have a fancy camera – most smartphones can take pictures that are fine for digital use, so make sure the photos you are sharing are really beautiful, and highlight your product or service. If you can’t take a decent photo, pay someone who can. It is worth it.

Make it Personal

Even if your niche is printing fridge magnets, or selling buttons, there are so many ways you can inject your personality into your content. It doesn’t even have to be product based! Let your sense of humour trickle into your post and keep your tone “you”. People are most likely to interact if you seem human – so don’t be afraid to just be you.