5 of the Best Ways to End a Meeting

Ah, meetings. Every office needs a team meeting from time to time to keep on top of things, bring in new ideas, and check in with each other. They help remind us that we’re all part of a bigger picture, and they keep everyone on track.
It’s important to remember though, that while everyone is talking about ways to get things done, no one is actually getting anything done, so you don’t want your team meetings running on for hours, or ending things awkwardly.

Here are 5 ways to end your meetings on a positive note:

Keep Things in Order

Even the dullest of meetings have a way of winding up long after they should have. To stop meetings dragging on too long try setting a timer that will go off 5 to 10 minutes before the end of your meeting. Once the timer goes off, wrap things up where they are and take the final minutes to quickly go over the most important points raised.
This will stop you running over time and setting a timer naturally makes us a little more aware of time too.

The Old Compliment Sandwich

There will inevitably be times that meetings get a little tense when issues need to be cleared up. It’s great to get everything out and table any problems that need addressing, but you never want to end a meeting with your team feeling down on themselves. 

Try this instead – once you have addressed all the issues and implemented a strategy to resolve things, go back to your team and tell them where they have really impressed you. Highlight the work they have done recently that really hit the mark to build up their confidence before they head back to their desks.

Give Everyone a Chance to Talk

You may find some team members dominate talk time in meetings, but you’ll also find that everyone on your team has something to contribute. After all, that’s why you hired them. Just before you’re ready to wrap things up, give only those who haven’t yet shared a chance to speak.

Show a Little Love

Spend a little time before your meeting to go over what your team has been up to. Once you’ve gone over everything you need to, thank your staff for specific work they have done. It doesn’t matter that it’s their job – everyone needs to hear gratitude from time to time, and the end of a meeting is the perfect time to dish out some well-deserved and genuine thanks.

Kick into Gear

It can be really easy walk out of a meeting scratching your head, wondering what to do next. A great way to end a meeting is to wrap it up with specific calls to action that cover the points raised. Go over everything that needs to be done, assign it to specific team members if you need to, and make sure everyone knows where they are heading one they walk out the door.

Meetings don’t have to end with awkward handshakes or hours over time – you might just need to keep a couple of these tricks up your sleeve for the next time.