7 Steps to Finding More Time as a Working Mum

Finding enough hours in the day as a working mum can sometimes feel impossible. With so many responsibilities, time quickly becomes your most precious commodity. So how can you make the most of the time you have? Here are a few tips to keep you going:

Set Your Own Tone

Before you commit to anything – new/additional hours, extra responsibilities or a promotion, new location – make sure you can do it. It’s always great to extend yourself, but you don’t have the same flexibility to overextend yourself as you did before you were a mum too. Take time to consider everything carefully before signing yourself up.

Break it Down

Set your goals, and then build your schedule around working towards those goals. Break it down into weekly goals and daily tasks so you can keep track of your progress. If you are a list lover, make a list so you get the satisfaction of crossing things off!Rest. Water. Breaks. When you’re pushed for time and energy it can be hard to squeeze yourself in, so make small changes that you can stick do, and then work on increasing them over time. Simple things like always carrying a water bottle, putting your phone onto Flight Mode an hour before bedtime, and a 10min walk on your lunch break are a great place to start.

Say Yes to You

We know how hard it is to say no because you don’t want to let anyone down. So, don’t think of it as saying no – consider it saying Yes to yourself. Time and energy are such precious to the working mum so don’t spread yourself too thin by doing too much for others. Leave some time for you too. Which brings us to…

Treat Yourself

Schedule something special that is just for you. Mums often think of themselves last, so instead of getting to the end of each week and realising that your tank is empty, plan to do something for yourself. It doesn’t have to be a luxury spa weekend or a 6hr massage, although that would be bliss. It could be something as simple as a coffee with friends at your local café, or a haircut.

Lower the Bar

Accept that you’re going to have to let some things go, and things may not be perfect anymore. Prioritise what your Must Do’s and Can’t Live Without’s are, and then accept that other things may not get done as often or as well.

Take Shortcuts

If your budget can stretch to it, services like My Food Bag or a cleaner for a couple of hours a week can be a lifesaver. But there are other ways too. Ordering groceries online can save you from many stressful hours spent in colourful aisles with bored children, time better spent doing almost anything else! Take the shortcuts on the boring stuff so you can take the scenic route when it really matters.