Five Reasons Why Listicles Make Great Blogs

I guess I could almost be called a 'veteran" blogger. I've been blogging since the 90's, and I've seen trends in content marketing, blogging and writing online ebb and flow depending on who is saying what in the time. 

But one thing is certain about me - I've always loved writing list type blogs. Now of course, like everything in this world (wait a moment, just grabbing my walking cane...), there is a special term for these: Listicles.

So here's five reasons that listicles make great blogs.

1. People like reading them. 

This is probably the most important reason! People like knowing how long the blog is going to be - so knowing how many points it has means they are ready to read it all before they start. It's a safe type of blog. Making your readers feel safe is good.

2. It helps me brainstorm 

Sometimes I've got a great idea for a blog, I being to plan it (and yes, I DID plan this on our Identifyles Blog Planner - not that anyone else could read my writing) and then I realise I don't really have anything to say about it. I need to have some depth or breadth in content - listicles are me showing I've got that sorted. 

3. It reminds me to stop waffling

Pretty self-explanatory

4. It helps me to stay focussed when I'm writing

If I've planned out my blog and I'm typing out a list, I can write the list out first and then just go ill out the content next. It's fast, and the blog is done in half the time.

5. In terms of content writing, Listicles are great blogs for SEO

You can put the keyword phrases as your list content headings (but make them still sound interesting enough to click on) and your blog is going to be a happy SEO improver.

In terms of complexity - list blogs are great ones to try if you are just starting out as a blogger - give it a go and see.