Our 10 Favourite Blog Types

Blogs are simple to set up and it seems every second person has one now. But what gets the most traction? And what do people want to see more of?

Here are our Top 10 favourite blog types:


Controversy sells. It’s that simple. Social media makes it easy for everyone to share their opinion, so blogs that cover controversial subjects are most likely to receive a high level of engagement. Be warned though – if you are going to raise issues that ruffle feathers, be prepared for the swarms of people who don’t agree with you. It can be a wild world in the blogisphere!


Make up tutorials from Vloggers like Shaaanxo and How To Minecraft videos are among the highest viewed on YouTube, racking up millions of views daily. People LOVE to know how things are done, even if they have no intention of ever doing these things themselves. So if you want people to like what you’re doing, show them HOW you’re doing it too.
Speaking of…


People love people-watching, so what better way to rack up a few views than to drop a vlog every now and then. They’re not for everyone – you need to be comfortable speaking in front of the camera, and have something worth talking about!


Smartphones keep the news at the tips of our fingers, and news is in hot demand. #breakingnews is always trending for a reason – people need to know what’s going on.


Everyone loves a good list! Are you ready for camping? Have you packed everything you need in your hospital bag? Are you prepared for a digital apocalypse? Checklists encourage interaction if you nail your target audience so If you can conjure up a list that your readers would be likely to check off, you might be on to a winner.


Reaching out to experts in your field can be as easy as nailing a 140 character invitation over Twitter or a well timed double tap on Instagram. Getting them to share their wisdom on your platform can easily draw the right crowds.


Reviews are the Money Back guarantee of the 21st century, except you don’t have to spend any money first! Getting someone who has a similar audience as you to review your product can be an easy and relatively cost-effective way to get some brand awareness going. Reviewing other people’s products or services is a real crowd-pleaser too.


Part of the lure of blogging is the idea that we get a real glimpse into these bloggers’ lives – getting nitty gritty BTS snapshots feel like an invitation into a private party.


Humans of New York absolutely wipes the floor clean in this category! Their stories are wildly successful because they inspire people from all walks of life, and they create emotional connections. Pinterest quotes might be a little overused now, but a well-placed tale of true inspiration can stretch your reach.


Everyone loves a good chuckle so find ways of sharing funny stories or anecdotes that fit your audience, but the key is knowing your audience. If you’re a food blogger you probably don’t want to share stories about food poisoning…