There is this feeling we get when there is new stationery in the office here at Identifyles. It's got to be pretty. And it's got to be functional. So it stood to reason that we wanted all of our own planning sheets for our agency work (at Identify Marketing), and for our clients, to look and feel nice to work with! Identifyles is owned by Rachel Klaver, and lovingly designed and supported by her Identify team.

Everything's been planned and created to help you make more sense in your marketing. We worked and reworked these planning pads and journals to measure what counts in your marketing - helping any of you who (like us) need a bit of pen and paper planning to help you with everything digital.

We're so excited to share the planning guides with you to help you grow your business - who said business stationery needs to be boring? We certainly don't!

Everything's been designed to be supported by our Identify School - our online school providing both free and paid e-courses to help improve your marketing.